Diceborn Heroes

Monster attacks have run rampant in the once quiet kingdom of Dievalice. The threat of a sinister plot that is driving these attacks looms over the land. To bring peace back to his nation, the King gifts a group of noble heroes with magic gems that imbue these brave souls with the powers and strength face the dangers they will encounter on their quest.

As their quest takes them to far away places to face the beast that threaten their home, they must band together to defeat the evils that plague the kingdom of Dievalice.


Diceborn Heroes is a cooperative dice game in the JRPG genre. Each game plays through a story with 3 different quests and a final boss to defeat. Each story rewards and challenges players for choices made during their quests. They can be played as individual stories or together as a complete campaign.







Designed by: Keith Donaldson
Artwork By: Grace Avery Parkman
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Features and Components

Embark on 8 individual quests or play them in sequence to enjoy a full story campaign.

Select from more than 20 hero classes with different abilities.

Upgrade your characters with new and more powerful attributes.

Increase character powers by collecting bounties and loot.

Defeat challenging enemies and powerful boss monsters!


Core Game
1 Game Mat
26 Dice (8 Red, 8 Blue, 10 Green)
44 Hero Cards (22 Classes)
16 Attack Cards
42 Monster Cards
18 Item Cards / 4 Reference Cards
16 Bounty Cards
1 Punch Sheet of Tokens

8 Story Packs Containing:
8 Boss Monsters
16 Battle Cards
17 Starred Attack Cards
15 Relic Cards
24 Quest Cards